Our Story

May 28, 2021


An artist is born

(The full story can be read at https://medium.com/@aaronblaisdell/the-creative-pigeon-c2dc25853734)

Darwin accidentally opens the Paint program after completing his daily training and proceeds to spontaneously create his first work of digital art!


We decided then and there to provide all our pigeons a chance to produce their own digital art. Our team developed an app for the pigeons and released them into the artist's studio to do their thing.


We've certainly learned a lot along the way. The pigeons are great teachers!

Here you see a video of Darwin creating his art.


These birds do not receive food reward to make their art, they are self-motivated! Like any artist, they don't always want to create, but when they do, it's incredible to watch the artwork unfold in front of our eyes.


And the finished product ...